We'll fix it from here!

Image-HelpDeskJust call (720) 515-4FIX to let us know you need help.
If available, a technician will ask you to click the picture to the right and save the program to your desktop when prompted. Then, simply run the “WorryFreeHelpDesk” program to initiate our help.

After that, just sit back and watch us on your screen as we fix your issue!

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Help us help you

This service is offered as a courtesy. However, donations help make it possible. If you are grateful for our assistance, please make a donation.

Thank you in advance for helping to keep this service available.

How It Works

The Process:
  1. When you run the program, an invitation is automatically sent to our Help Desk.
  2. Once we accept the invite, we can control your computer until we resolve your issue.
  3. You can see exactly what we're doing on your screen while we work.

  • Completely safe. The entire process is secured with 128-bit encryption!
  • You can close the session at any time and the program removes itself from your system.
  • Only you can initiate a session. We CAN NOT control your PC without your permission.
  • If closed accidentally, you will need to run the program again to re-initiate a session.