XTRIME is ideal for those who prefer the most buzzing sensations and vivid emotions😌🔥

XTRIME is a special line of tobacco-free nicotine pouches that provide long-lasting, intense pleasure and are known for their amazing effects. It combines the most extraordinary flavors and can give a unique twist even to the classic taste🤩
This brand offers medium and high strength nicotine pouches with nicotine content of 16mg/1gram and 30mg/1gram respectively. This allows you to find the right product for almost every customer and makes XTRIME versatile😎
XTRIME products are distinguished by their organicity and high quality. They are soft to the touch, pleasant and do not leave lumps in the mouth. Their size is optimal and does not cause discomfort. Most importantly, they are tobacco and dye-free, which means your lungs and teeth are safe💯

XTRIME nicotine pouches can be divided into two types: medium-strength and high-strength.
🔹Extreme Lime Paradise;
🔹Extreme Arctic Mint;
🔹Extreme Fruit Vibes;
🔹Extreme Neuron Freeze.
🔸Extreme X-Cold;
🔸Extreme X-Freeze;
🔸Extreme X-Iceberry;
🔸Extreme X-Lime.

Each of them is worthy of you trying😎

XTRIME is a world-renowned brand whose products are very popular with people around the world. Extreme nicotine pouches do not contain a single gram of tobacco or ash, they do not cause smoke or vapor.
The plant base makes them as organic and safe as possible for the body, in turn delightful flavors and excellent effect give incredible pleasure.
Turn your world upside down with XTRIME💥